Hamtramck History Tour
Saturday, April 18, 2020
10 AM - 2:30 PM

Join us for one of our most popular tours--the Hamtramck Polish History tour. We'll take a tour of Hamtramck and visit some of the iconic landmarks of this city within a city! We will tour St. Florian Church, have lunch at the Polish Village Cafe, visit historic landmarks in Hamtramck, check out the Polish Art Center, visit the Hamtramck History Museum, and a number of other fun and interesting things to do!

The tour leaves from the Eastern Market at 10 AM and will return by 2:30 PM. All tour-goers receive a goody bag with snacks! The tour is $65 per person and includes lunch.

Visit St. Florian and St. Albertus!

Our tour stops at two of Hamtramck's iconic churches--St. Albertus, which was decommissioned by the Archdiocese of Detroit will open their doors for us for a special tour of this magnificient church. A member of the St. Albertus Historical Society will give us the fascinating history of this church.

Our second stop is at St. Florian's, Hamtramck's Roman Catholic epicenter for more than a century. Our guide, Greg Kowalski, will take us on a tour of the church and will regale us with its fascinating history!

Lunch at Polish Village Cafe - Everyone gets a Polish Plate!

Lunch is at the Polish Village Cafe in "The Room Upstairs". The Polish Plate is on the menu! Included with your lunch is a stuffed cabbage, potato and cheese pierogi, a kielbasa chunk, side of kraut, and mashed potatoes. Lunch also includes a non-alcoholic beverage, bread and butter, soup, and self-serve coffee table. Sorry, no subsitutions allowed.

Did we say pazcki?

What's a visit to Hamtramck without sampling one of their well-known delicacies? You'll have a choice of one of the five most popular flavors: strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, lemon, or custard from the New Palace Bakery!

Tour the Hamtramck Historical Museum

Our friend, Greg Kowalski, will give us a tour of this former department store-turned museum. The Hamtramck Historical Museum opened in 2013 after 15 years of planning and preparation. When the Hamtramck Historical Commission first met in 1997 it did not have a single document or item in its collection. Today it has thousands of items,  including documents, photos, political memorabilia, medical records, films and videotapes, maps, books and miscellaneous other items. Its archives are growing almost daily and now form a vast chronicle spanning Hamtramck’s entire history.

What's a tour of Hamtramck without a bit of shopping? 

After we tour the Hamtramck Historical Museum, we'll stop by the Polish Art Center! From Polish Pottery, to amber jewelry, to Polish Christmas ornaments, and anything else you might think of--the Polish Art Center carries it! If you've never visited the Art Center, you are in for a treat. They also carry a number of Hamtramck and Polish-centric books.

After visiting the Center, check out some of the other stores in Hamtramck--Srodek's is only one block away. Dare we suggest you bring along a cooler to bring your goodies home?

The majority of the spots we'll visit in Hamtramck are disabled-friendly, but guests will have to climb approximately six stairs at the Polish Village Cafe. The tour is open to guests 18 and up. Questions? Send an email to [email protected]