Henry Ford: From Farm to Factory Tour
Saturday, August 10, 2019
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Learn about the life of Henry Ford--an auto pioneer and titan of industry is known as inventor of the Quadricycle, Model T, and the moving assembly line. 

This bus tour will connect visitors to actual historic sites that reveal Mr. Henry Ford’s life from his farming roots to becoming an industrial magnate. Bringing Mr. Ford’s story alive while visiting locations important to his story will give tour-goers a personal view of his life and the impact the introduction of the Model T automobile and how it revolutionized transportation and American industry. 

The tour will not only cover Mr. Ford’s greatest achievements, but it will also cover some of his greatest challenges. The perspective presented in the tour will also look at the impact he had on society in the 20th century. 

Tour participants will also learn about Mr. Ford’s relationships with other auto pioneers and his workers during the rise of the union and the lasting effects of his legacy.

Lunch is at Ford's Garage in Dearborn! 

Magical Michigan Tours, in a partnership with the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant and Motorcities is offering this tour. Click button to order your tickets!

Tickets are $60 for Ford Piquette Avenue Plant members and $65 for non-members