Magic Capital of the World Tour

Join us for an amazing tour to the Magic Capital of the World! This little-known area of Michigan is known for the American Museum of Magic, a magician's library, one of the oldest magic shops with the first mail-order business, and a cemetery with the largest assemblage of magician's graves in the world!

We'll take you by luxury motorcoach to the American Museum of Magic in Marshall, Michigan. On the bus will be The Amazing Mike, a magician extraordinaire! Every guest will receive a goody bag. The Amazing Mike will join us for the day! We will have prizes for those who know magic history. 

Bus leaves from The Wunderground Magic Shop in Clawson, MI at 7 AM. Parking is on-street and free. We return to Clawson around 5 PM.

We'll take a personal tour of museum. The American Museum of Magic houses the most fascinating collection of magic memorabilia in the world. You'll see various items from the collections of Houdini, Blackstone, and other famous magicians. Our guides will regale us with the stories behind the acts. In addition to the museum tour, we will also get a behind-the-scenes tour of the magician's library and archives! This is a rare opportunity to view this special area.

 Next, we'll head to "Magic Town" and have a pizza lunch at an iconic restaurant known for a secret room accessible only by a bookcase access door. Our strolling magician who will fascinate you with his sleight-of-hand. Joining us will be our friend, Greg, from Abbott's Magic and our museum guides. Over lunch, we'll talk about magic, history of the area, and the characters that make up this industry. 

Next, is a magic show at Abbott's Magic Shop and a tour. During World War II, Abbott's was granted a "Vital Industry Status" by the United States government. This allowed Abbotts to purchase surplus and scrap metal to continue manufacturing magic products during the war years. The shop routinely supplied the Army books on sleight-of-hand that would entertain our troops. Abbott's is known for their collection of historic magician and illusionist posters. Our guests will have an opportunity to shop for magic tricks, books, souvenirs, and DVDs. 

The last stop on the tour will be the Lakeview Cemetery with the largest number of magician's graves in the world. Greg will tell us about the cemetery, some of the personalities who chose this cemetery as their final resting place. Many of the headstones are a form of entertainment in their own right! 

After we return, we'll enjoy a snack at the Wunderground Magic Shop! Join us for this one-of-a-kind tour--it will be a magical day!

Ages 12 and up, please. Guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.